Funeral Plans

Funeral planning servicesFuneral plans are a means of planning and paying for your funeral in advance. They offer you peace of mind for you and your family and mean that in the event of your death, your family will be relieved of the burden of planning and paying for your funeral.

Why make a funeral plan?
Planning for your funeral now offers a great many benefits. You personally will have peace of mind that your funeral is carried out in the tone and manner that you wish and can plan to the most minute of details such as music and flowers.

For your family there is the peace of mind and freedom to grieve without the burden of planning and organising your funeral.  They will have the comfort of knowing that all the arrangements are exactly what you wanted and chose for yourself.

Lastly, there are financial benefits because you freeze the price you pay for your funeral at today’s prices. The average cost of funerals have more than doubled in the last 10 years and based on current trends, are predicted to more than double again by 2020. In addition your family won’t have to come up with the money for your funeral at such a difficult time.

What funeral services can Fitzgibbons and Co Ltd provide?

From pre structured plans to entirely bespoke plans, we can cater for any of your wishes and have funeral plans to cover a range of provisions and budgets. Our plans include:

  • Ecological or ‘green’ funeral plans
  • Low cost budget plans
  • Bespoke planning
  • Comprehensive plans that include cars, flowers, chapels of rest etc.

We can also provide information on body donation and registration with the London Anatomy Office where applicable.